Friday, July 29, 2005

Thank you for making our final farewell bash
such an incredible success!

The Halifax Burlesque Society has disbanded! After a great run, we have decided to call it quits under the name of HBS. Many of our original performers have moved away, the feel and spirit of our shows have changed, and Burlesque itself is changing. Burlesque in Halifax will continue under different names, but HBS as we know it is no more.

Many of our performers are still up and at it, so check out our Performers page on the website for a list of bawdy burlesquers.
You can still contact us under our email address



Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Here's a few more bio's from the performers page for your inspection:

DJ Juggs
Our favorite DJ/Performer/Sound Expert, DJ Juggs gets the party started and keeps it going all night.

Naughty Noony
As Naughty as she is Noony, this foxy lady is the organizational force behind post-Jinx HBS, as well as an adorable (as a fuzzy lamb) and wild (a naughty wolf) performer. She also does a mean "Madison".

Wanda McOut
Wanda McOut is known to send jaws dropping when she coyly asks, "wanna make out? Whether she's playing a raunchy air guitar and channeling Joan Jett with PSCM or riding the luckiest lowrider bicycle in town, Wanda will get your motor revving.

Tommy and Bebe Gunn
Bad girls Tommy and Bebe do the best Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan act this Country had ever seen, known to send the audience into pants-pissing laughter. Multitalented and endlessly clever, look out for these two!

Miss Strawberry Delight
Miss Strawberry Delight is a pint sized fireball of sweet creamy goodness. We first saw her defiling Shirley Temple's "Lollipop" and more recently tearing off her expertly made rhinestone jumpsuit to Elvis's "All Shook Up".

There is not much one can say about Roach. Who else can play a dominatrix-esque Miss Canada while wearing a strap-on, and then go home and cook us the best damn bannana loaf we've ever tasted?

Indie Backseat
Possibly the cleverest stage name and cutest sometimes-drag king in the whole HBS. Indie thows the audience into hysterics with the romance of prepubescent boys set to "I think we're alone now", a sexy office romp, or a stripteasing, booty-shaking doo-wop band.

phil i hope i can call you a sometimes drag king. i thought calling you the cutest tomboy would be un-PC of me. but you are cute though. ;)

Pussy Deville

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Calling all Burly Burlesquers!
The Bagtown Fringe Festival (Sackville, NB) is once again seeking Burlesque
performers for August 18-21. Anyone interested in performing, please contact  Last year's  show was a real highlight for the
festival, and performers had a lot of fun and even received a standing ovation! 

Hey Burlesquers

Sorry for the long entry but i really think its
important for your input on this, please read it!

I am continuing to update the website ( ), i
think its an important archive of our shows and our
philosophy and I am happy to keep it up.

I'd love to have other peoples photos of the past
shows to complete the "Past Shows" page, for now
they're mostly my shots. I don't have any photos (or a
file of the poster, and I need the info on the
charities) for TeleTease, so if you have some good
ones send them along and I'll put them up.
(I also don't have any of our girl guide act from
Bever Fever if anyone has some!)

If any of you with blogs or other sites would like
them linked on the "Links" page, let me know, that
might be cool.

I am trying to complete the "Performers" page (
), which features a bunch of us veterns.
Please take a look and let me know if you'd rather not
be on it, if you'd prefer a different picture etc. ( I
am still working on putting more people up like
Juggs, Roach, Rouge, Tommy and Bebe Gunn, Indie,
Noony, Wanda... so if you guys listed here or
other veterns that don't have their pics up yet want
to write your own blurb, please send it to me)
Also the little write ups were just a quick fix to
have something there, If you'd rather write your own
blurb thats totally fine by me! (in third person for
contintuity). I can also leave the one I wrote if you
like it, or edit it a little. Here's what i have so

Jinx Jezebelle
Founder and Artistic director of The Halifax Burlesque
Society, Jinx is a talented performer, costumer, and
organizer! Her style ranges from classic solo teases
to raunchy and hilarious acts where everyone involved
ends up covered in milkshake or even timbits.

Pussy DeVille
Pussy Deville is a belly dancer and burlesquer
extrordinaire. She has been with HBS since the
beginning, both as performer and photographer. She is
also the webmistress of this site, so she gets to
write nice things about herself. Incidentally, she is
a genius, and lovelier than Helen of Troy.

Euro-pop sensation Hugo have exploded at two HBS
shows, leaving the audience in a maddened frenzy.
Members \ Hugo and The Tooth sing their songs in
German, French, and...?

Miss Conduct
Miss Conduct proves that sporty can be sexy, funny,
and very clever. From football themed strip-teases to
a steamy and hilarious monologue about hockey, she is
a truly original performer. As a women of many talents
Miss Conduct also performes with "The Stolen Minks",
winner of the Coasts "Best New Local Artist" award.

Tia Timebomb
One hot mama, Tia Time-Bomb is a bomb waiting to go
off! Her acts include Tit Hortons and Milkshake with
Jinx, to attacking a birthday cake in her snowsuit.

Chainsaw Lover
Chainsaw can never be described in words...from a sexy
and possible insane secretary to a bondage loving
angel to a little old lady, her acts are both
hilarious, clever and Foxy.

LeNoir, our political and sex-crazed maniac goes from
humiliting a sock-stuffed George Bush, to being a
safe-sex super hero to writhing on a rotating bed
wearing a sparkly strap-on and dancing to Peaches.
Recently returned from touring the USA with the Fluff
girls, don't expect to sleep through this act.

Kitty Le Coque
Specializing in Belly dance, Circus arts and dark
seduction, Kitty is a drop-dead gorgeous and talented
performer. Often dancing with Pussy Deville as Kali's
Courtesans, she has also blown us away with a double
trapeze act, the contortioning Pony Girls and a pirate
themed stip-tease.

The Cherry Bomb Squad
What can you say about a bunch of wild and
out-of-control women bouncing on excersise balls,
jumping on trampolines and getting in trouble all over
the continent? These gals are always a favorite,
especially at the polaroid booth.

Lydia Leech
A classic burlesque style strip-teaser, Lydia thrills
with her shower act, a tease to Hava Nagila,
contorting with the Pony Girls or a straight-up down-
and-dirty strip.

The wildest, hottest, nastiest air band around, PSCM
has been spotted playing at the Seahorse, Club Vortex
and other local venues, while not singing a note or
playing one instrument. Their acts have been known to
get completely out of control to the point where
intervention has been necesary. Whether rocking out to
Milli Vanilli, Electric Six, The Scissor Sisters or
NKOTB, this band will knock you out.

Thanks, let me know what you think!

Pussy Deville

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

We're Disbanding!
Its been a long time between updates at the HBS blog, and a long time since we've done anything in the Halifax scene! Well there's good news and bad news folks, There will be another show, but it will be our last. :(

Halifax Burlesque Society has officially decided to disband, for a variety of reasons. Its a lot of work with not much thanks running the society, and there really isn't anyone willing to take the reins. Most of our original members have moved away, and our shows are becoming very different from our original intentions. Burlesque itself is changing, becoming more mainstream and trendy. We've decided to quit while we're ahead.

But in true Burly Burlesquer style, we will not go quietly! Our final party will be a bash to remember. We have taken over the Marquee Club for August 6 for a Best of Burlesque show!
All your favorite acts plus a few new suprises are in store. And this will really be our LAST SHOW under the name HBS so DONT MISS THIS ONE!

Keep your eyes open for more info!

Pussy Deville

Saturday, April 02, 2005

hey anyone have any fun memories of the society that you would like to share with halifax? get in touch with Josey

Maggie and Venus Envy told me about you guys. I write a syndicated sex column called My Messy Bedroom which appears in Halifax in the HFX section of the Daily News. They're doing a special "great things about Halifax" issue and I'd like my column to reflect this with "sexy things about Halifax" and would like to include The Burlesque Society.

wondering if you might have a funny anecdote or memory from past shows or perhaps simply a unique or interesting fact about yourselves that I could include?
Thanks so much.
Josey Vogels
Visit our website at

Dear HBS,

We are applying for a cabaret license to open a new venue and are inquiring about the cost of a full length show. We need to incorporate high quality talent to apply for this license. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me at this e-mail or at my office at: 444-3165


Chuck Q. Hsuen

Event and Promotions


Ph: 902-444-3165 or 902-420-1323



hello everybody,
I'm just doing some burlesque house-keeping, we've received several letters that may be of interest to some of you. Because we are on hiatus I will make a point of placing them here on the blog so that people can independently reply to them.Please remember that the Halifax Burlesque Society can only be represented if the entire group has consented (if you do burlesque and related activities indepedant of the HBS, ie: interviews or performances, that's great, but don't use our name.)

ok, here are a couple, more to follow as they come in.

Dear Halifax Burlesque Society Member:
My name is Amanda Rafuse, and I am currently a fourth year anthropology student at Dalhousie University, Halifax NS. I am completing my thesis on the neo-burlesque movement of North America, the focus of my paper has shifted to the pastie. I am examining the function and symbolism of the pastie as a cultural artefact. I know that your group produces their own pasties, and hold pastie-making circles. If you are holding such an event prior to April 7, 2005, I would be interested in attending in order to participate and observe. If you are not holding such an event, I would also be interested in interviewing members who have participated in these activities before.
Thank you for your time and consideration. You will find my contact (and that of my thesis supervisor) below. Please, don't hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!
Amanda Rafuse
Home: 902.453.0491
Moblie: 902.440.1183
Dr. Robin Oakley can be reached at or through the Sociology/Social Anthropology Department at Dalhousie University; her office is in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences building

this letter followed

 what is really important
for me right now is to see some pasty-making! I would love to host a
pasty-making circle; if there are any members in the
city, it would be great to meet with them. My thesis presentation is
on the 15th, so if I could get a group together for sometime next
weekend or perhaps early in the following week, I would be really

Thanks for your time

Friday, August 06, 2004

Hey Performers,
If you haven't got your copy of your glamshot from Bever Fever, I have it! You can email me at, and we can work out a way to get it to you.

Also, stay tuned to the in-progress website:
for updates and changes.

For those of you who don't know, Lulu Larude has asked us to do a series of burlesque themed nights at Club Vortex on Sundays! yeah!
Meaghan (Le Noir) is the contact person for this. So if you want to get involved, call her! (if you don't have her number, email me and I will give it to you).

In other news, thought you all might be interested to know that although our show at the Pride Day performance seemed to be very well recieved, I recieved this email:

"Hi Laura,

I'm writing to you with regards to the Burlesque performance at Sackville Landing on Sat., July 17th. On July 8th I met with a few of the burlesque performers who were going to be a part of the lineup and discussed the audience who would be receiving the show. I was clear on the necessity for PG 13/15 content, as there would be children in attendance at the show.
Unfortunately I had to leave the waterfront prior to the performance, but was quickly informed that the content was in fact 18+. It was my hope that there would have been notice taken by your organization to the dozens of children who were lined up in front of the stage to watch the show. I have since learned that many parents chose to pull their children from the stage and many people left as they were not expecting the shock value that you provided.
I've always been a supporter of the Halifax Burlesque Society and will continue to do so. There is a place and time for this type of performance, but certainly not at a waterfront show in front of children. It is my responsibility to answer to the families and individuals who were shaken by the performance, and in tern, need to appologize to them. I am asking to receive words of appology that I can use on your behalf in order to rectify the situation.
Please feel free to give me a call to discuss this further. I can be reached at ____ during the day, or in the evening at ____.

Yours in Pride,

Jay Thordarson
Co-Chair, Halifax Pride 2004"

Our response to this was:

It is unfortunate that people were upset by our performance. We did not intend to offend anyone. However, it is not our responsibility as performers to screen or direct the acts, that is up to the pride committee.
We assumed that Pride Day was an appropriate venue for a bit of sexuality. Pride Day is about sexual preference, and therefore, sex. There were men in leather g-strings, and drag queens in skimpy outfits. In Toronto and Montreal, Pride Day parades often feature full nudity and explicit sexuality.
We were asked to do a burlesque act. People (on the committee) who have seen our shows know that they involve a bit of raunch. We were told to put together a PG 15 act, and we did mention that pasties and strap-ons would be a part of the number at that point. We played our music and talked through the number with one of the Pride committee representatives (you).
In our opinion, our act was appropriate for the afore mentioned age group. Teenagers deal with sexuality on a regular basis, both on TV and in their lives, and we see our fun and gender bending act as a positive thing. However, 15 year olds are not children, and there were children at the performance. This is not something we had not counted on, based on the information we had been given. We were unable to change our act at the last minute, nor would we have wanted to. It is in our nature as burlesquers to challenge. We assumed that parents knew a PG 15 Pride Day show would have elements of sexuality, and we cannot be responsible for where they choose to bring their children. Child care facilities were available, and concerned parents had this as an option. If this kind of thing was a concern for the committee, maybe there should have been an actual rehearsal so the committee could further approve of the acts, or so they could choose to announce a warning before our act.
We were very pleased to be asked to perform at this event, and we hope to be involved with Pride Day in the future. So we are sorry that people left the performance offended, we were just going on the information we had been given, and our own assumptions about the nature of Pride Day.
In the future, it would be best to let us know if you'd like a performance appropriate for children, and specific guidelines would be helpful.
It is possible for us to put on this type of (albiet less entertaining) act if necessary.
Thankfully, those offended appear to be in the minority. We had a very loud, enthusiastic response from the audience, and many people told us it was their favorite act in the show!

The Performers, representing The Halifax Burlesque Society"

Sorry for the huge entry, just wanted to let you all know what's going on.


aka Pussy Deville

Thursday, August 05, 2004


As many of you may know, the dazzling Jinx Jezebel is leaving halifax for montreal in mid August.

EXIT, LEFT. is the final show!
CLUB VORTEX, Sunday 8th August

All of your favorite BURLESQUE ACTS including, the pony girls, DJuggs, tit hortons, and a whole bunch more i cant remember... (will update soon)

see you all there!